Golf Genius offers a comprehensive and innovative solution for the organization and management of recreational and competitive golf leagues.

Used by league managers, PGA Professionals, and professional and amateur golf associations, Golf Genius provides administrators with unprecedented power, control and flexibility over all of the essential functions necessary to manage a golf league, plus features like live scoring, a custom league portal, optimized pairings and the broadest array of tournament formats in the industry.

Fist "I've been paired with John the last three weeks and have STILL never played with Bob!" Never again.

Let the Genius do what it does best and pair golfers based on your parameters. Learn More
"We're playing a scramble for the 100th time this season." Never Again.

Traditional and custom tournaments keep golfers engaged, excited, and coming back week after week. Learn More
"Steve's on line one looking for pairings, and Mike's on line two asking how many skins he won." Never again.

A custom member website eliminates calls by displaying pairings, standings, statistics and more. Learn More
"To view results, just right click—save—drag to desktop—open file—and scroll 8 pages of scores." Never again.

Enter scores and view a live leaderboard from the free iPhone and Android app. Learn More
"Final results will be emailed at the conclusion of play." Never again.

Scores can be automatically updated on TV Displays, Custom Website and more.
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Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, PA

“USGA Tournament Management has become the new “norm” at our club. We are confident that the engine behind the software serves as a wonderful platform to help us manage a diverse menu of golf events. It has been great for tracking season-long points with our Men’s and Ladies 9 and 18 holers, as well as other Inter-club matches. The software provides speed and sophistication all in one.”

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